I am not valued in compliance or construction

Mar 22

This is what we are hearing from our clients and those we are talking to in the front line:

I am just a compliance officer

I am just an IQP

I am just a cog in the big engine

I am just an admin person

I am just a BWOF officer

I am just a .... fill in the blank


‘They’ don’t know what I do

‘They’ don’t understand the work I cover off or my skills

‘They’ don’t see my true skills

People are finding it difficult to see and feel their worth, to understand their skills, talents, strengths and the valuable part their role plays in the bigger picture of building controls, compliance and construction.

This has been coming across in various ways:

  • Lack of confidence in putting themselves forward for promotions or new roles that are a step up for them in their career path

  • Putting themselves forward but being told they don’t have what it takes, even though they do

  • Being overlooked for promotion

  • Not being able to speak up about the work they are doing and good at in an articulate and concise way

  • Lack of engagement in day to day role, not sure what difference they are making in the world

  • Just going through the motions, disengaged with the organisation

  • Lack of motivation and productivity

Tips for breakthrough

  1. Drop the word ‘just’ from your vocab when talking about your role, avoiding already putting yourself in a box in your mind and verbally

  2. List everything you do in a day or in a week on a sheet of paper, sit back and look at that list, take it all in.

  3. Mark of the things you know you do really well, things that play a major role in a process or system, things that maybe even don’t get done if you are not around.

  4. Look at your strengths, if you have never done profiling before we recommend it as a great way to connect with the words around what you are good at.

  5. To understand your value, imagine (or perhaps you know) what it would be like at work if you just couldn’t do your role for a day, a week or even a month? What would or wouldn't happen as a result of you MIA?

  6. Get with a mentor or a coach to unpack your strengths and your worth, to build words around those things that help you articulate what you do with confidence.

  7. Look at your CV or LinkedIn profile, do those things come across in those places?

  8. If you can, monetise or put some stats around your role and what financial value you bring to the organisation, this may be in terms of what it would cost if it wasn’t done well.

  9. Start to think and speak differently about yourself, your role, your skills and talents, because it all starts with us.

If there is a gap between how you see yourself and how others see you here are some ideas on how to close that gap.

What are some of the gaps? What is the missing bit of the puzzle from your perspective?

Clue: It will almost always come back to communication at some level

Note: We can’t change someone else's perspective if they are just going to have that about you, but you can try to influence that by things you can change, in the end you have to make a decision that you still have a choice if you are doing everything you can and it's still not being received.

  • Is it your CV showing the right things clearly up front ?

  • Is your communication powerful and clear?

  • Are you confident in articulating your strengths and value?

  • Are you confident in articulating what you will bring to the role?

Once you figure out what the gaps is, invest in your growth journey, invest in getting some tools, coaching and mentoring in this space, it will pay off big time

And remember you are always at choice, there is always a ‘next step’ to take

Check out our Unleash your superpowers course over here, this is an amazing course that covers off 12 critical areas of professional and personal development, helping you connect in with your strengths, values and worth and then how to communicate those things in the world

We all deserve a work live that lights us up and that we love to go to each day

Unleash your superpowers today

Jen Tyson


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