Your unique strengths

Jul 1 / Rosemary (Rosie) Killip

We are each born with unique talents and strengths.

These may be obvious to us over time or may lay dormant for years. How we were raised or who were our key influencers when we were young makes a big difference to whether those strengths were enhanced or left undeveloped. If we are not taught, coached, or supported in developing our strengths we can become disengaged from life, or worse, that we must have nothing to offer the world. This is not true but can become a big story in our mind.

So how can you get yourself or those you care about back on track?

Step 1: Let go of the story. Its one of several different ways you could choose to see yourself. Like any story let us write you a new one if the old one doesn’t serve you anymore.

Step 2: Find out what your strengths are by taking one of the profiling assessments that are available on the market. Some are free. See Get some coaching as to what the results mean for you.

Step 3: Look at areas of your life, where you can apply and grow your strengths muscle. What projects, groups, committees could you join?

Step 4: Drop stuff that is not your strength, collaborate with someone for whom this is their area of talent. If you really have to do things that drag you down, spend as little time as possible on them.

Step 5: Start talking from the place of your strengths not your job title and not the “I’m just a ...” Become known as THAT person with THOSE key talents that others may be looking for. Upgrade your CV, update your LinkedIn profile, volunteer for projects, join social media or real time groups of interest.

Speak up and be seen for who you really are. 
THIS is what YOU offer uniquely in the world – and the world needs you to be strong.

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