Unleash Your Superpowers
The Book

Coming soon in 2021

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By Rosemary Killip and Jen Tyson
Unleash your Superpowers is your guide to gaining a sense of direction and control over the one thing you can – yourself.

We all deserve a work life that fulfills, excites and energises us. But so many of us do not have anything like that. Here we provide 12 practical steps to attaining a more rewarding experience: by understanding yourself better, switching on your talent, and communicating well at all levels.

Authors, Rosemary and Jen, explore the stories of women who personify unleashing their Superpowers into their careers, businesses, or volunteer work.

Filled with actionable tips and practical insights Unleash Your Superpowers proves we all have the power to flip our story and be our best selves.

Book contents

Part 1: Switch on Your Talent

Chapter 1 Your Work Persona
Chapter 2 Working to Your Strengths
Chapter 3 Uncovering Your Why or Purpose
Chapter 4 Igniting Your Passion
Chapter 5 Standing on Your Values
Chapter 6 Using Your Superpowers

Part 2: Confident Communication

Chapter 7 Different Communication Styles
Chapter 8 Internal Chatter - Self Communication
Chapter 9 Elements of Communication
Chapter 10 Let’s Embrace Conflict
Chapter 11 Vital Conversations
Chapter 12 Establishing Boundaries

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Release date: 2021

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